Career Overview

GIS professionals use GIS to visualize, analyze, and model systems to help in the planning and decision-making processes of their organizations. They make geographic information accessible to scientists, planners, decision makers, and the public. The broad range of GIS opportunities available gives you the ability to combine your passions or interests with GIS for a satisfying and successful career.

GIS careers exist in every imaginable discipline, from environmental science to mining to urban planning to commercial businesses to defense and beyond. As a result, there is no one definition of a career in GIS. A GIS career path has many origins, but there are some core skills required.

IIRMR helps you develop these hard and soft skill to have a successfull career in GIS. As IIRMR itself provides professional GIS services, it provides IIRMR students the opportunity to work on real life projects. We have strong relations and contacts with major industry players in the field of Geoinformatics. We arrange internship opportunities for our students in leading companies. We also help students in securing full time positions in leading GIS comapnies in India.