Followings are few of the many points about why IIRMR s the right choice for you.

  • Low cost of courses as compared to other pretigious institutes
  • IIRMR is the first institute in India to initiate B. Tech. in Geoinformatics
  • IIRMR is the first & only institute in India to start graduate course in Geoinformatics (BSc Geoinformatics)
  • In diploma courses in Geoinformatics we deal with all four componenets - Remote Sensing, GIS, Statistics & Computer Application
  • Our approach is interdisciplinary
  • We make you trained in more than 15 softwares related to four componenets whereeer other institutes or colleges teahc only two to three softwares.
  • Till date our students have outperformed other students in the real work of Geoinformatics in GISindustry.
  • We provide chacne to do real world projects with NRSA, RRSSC and SAC etc.
  • Prof. I. S. Rathor is a leading professor of geoinformatics in India. His guidance to shape the students career is unmatched.
  • jaipur is a low living cost city compared to other metro cities like Delhi, Pune, Mumbai etc.
  • ISRO has entrusted IIRMR to promote awareness about space technology application among school/college students & techers in India.
  • IIRMRis recognized by NRSA to do research in application of space technology in natural resource management.