Future Trends

India is sitting on a goldmine with tremendous business potential for GIS. The size of the geographical information system (GIS) market in India is expected to be $10 billion in 10 years. Annual revenues of the global GIS market are expected to grow from an estimated $4 billion to $150 billion in the next decade.

With more and more government agencies, private companies and individuals using GIS and high-resolution imagery services, the market is growing in leaps and bounds. The growth is attributed to wide use of spatial information for local and regional planning, infrastructure development, disaster management support, business development, natural resources management and disaster management.

GIS professionals all over the world will see great opportunities in their field due to exponential growth. A whole new range of career paths will be created in coming years. Due to all these reason a degree or certification in the Geoinformatics is the best option to shine one's career.