Dr. I.S. Rathor completed graduation from Dehra Dun with Hons. in Geography.Mathematics & Statistics were other optional subjects that contributed to his 1 st rank in Garhwal, University, Srinagar (U.P.). Subsequently he joined JNU, New Delhi and successfully completed Master Degree in Geography with A minus grade and stood first in Advance Techniques in Geography group. Popularly known as B.J.L. Berry of India, Dr. Rathor completed M.Phil. at JNU, New Delhi, subsequently he joined Ph.D. programme through JRF (NET). He was instrumental in Establishing Population Research Centre at Chandigarh and served it for nine Years. He is master in Multivariate Analysis in Geography and Quantitative Geography. In 1994 he shifted to jaipur and established Indel INSTITUTE OF RESOURCE MANAGEMENT RESEARCH (IIRMR), Jaipur and made it leading research center in Remote Sensing & GIS in North India.

Dr.Rathor presently working as professor in geoinformatics & looking after various academic courses in geoinformatics at the institute.