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Dr. I. S. Rathore
Department of Geoinformatics

Dr. R. B. Singh
Retd. Prof in Geography,
Rajasthan University, Jaipur

Dr. K. N. Joshi
Visiting Faculty,
Fellow, IDS Jaipur

Dr. S. C. Saxena
Soil Scientist,
Trained from IIRS Dehradun

Shri S. B. Sharma
Scientist Geologist,
Retd. Director, GIS

Mr. M. N. Amin
Associate Professor,
Electronics & Communication

Mr. Dilip Singh
Chundawat Asst. Professor,
Remote Sensing & Photogrammetry

Mr. V. K. Singh
Asst. Professor,
Computer Science, GIS Softwares

Mr. Devendra Kumar
Asst. Professor,
GIS & Digital Cartography

Mrs. Suja Vargis
Asst. Professor,
Statistics & Geography

Dr. Aditya Nag
Associate Professor,

Dr. Hemant Sharma
Associate Professor,
Management Studies

Mrs. Madhvi Saxena
Asst. Professor,

Mr. Aditya Kaushik
Visiting Faculty,

Mr. Sanjay Bansal
Visiting Faculty,