Our mission is to provide the information, tools, resources, expertise to enhance personal growth and knowledge which shall empower you in your efforts towards improving environmental and social conditions.

  • Promote GIS as a new interdisciplinary science as well as technological scientific tool on campus
  • Build up a strong, unique, nationally-recognized Geospatial educational curriculum at all levels of teaching
  • Create a unique multi-level warehouse of spatial data for Government Departments/Colleges/Centers of India
  • Support, organize, and facilitate interdisciplinary fundamental and applied Geospatial research
  • Develop data standards, and implement GIS and Geodatabase solutions through programming, software customization, and development to enhance research/teaching capabilities within the community
  • Provide GIS-related community support through joint projects and problems solving, consultancy, advising, implementation, and installation
  • Provide a hands-on experience in digital technology to students from any disciplines on campus