Digitization / Mapping

We provide a comprehensive digitisation service to our clients to converts maps and drawings so that spatial data can be better visualized, analyzed, edited, and maintained. IIRMR professionals have extensive experience in digitizing from all kinds of maps and transforming geographically oriented data into whatever format you need.

We also have image scanning service for different sizes of maps at our company. We have a range of specialised scanning equipment, associated software and an experienced staff. We generate GIS databases and layers from paper maps, drawings and attribute data , and digital images. We provide end to end solution of complete digitization proces which includes scanning, Digitization / Vectorization , topology creation, attributing, edge matching and vertical integration according to requirements. Output is provided in any format requested by the client. We also maintain a strong quality control assurance process during the complete process to provide superior service.

Below is the snapshot our service offerings in the field of dizitization/ mapping. Our services are not limited to these only due to vast nature of GIS capabilities and client needs. We believe in providing customized services to our clients to fit their specific needs.

Digitization & Mapping