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Excellence Areas  

We at IIRMR believe in providing both high quality professional services to our clients and offer different levels of career oriented academic courses in the field of Geoinformatics. We strive to provide knowledge, tools, resources, and expertise in Geoinformatics to empower professionals and firms towards improving environmental and social conditions.
Company Overview  
IIRMR is a leading service provider and training institute in the field of Geography, Geoinformatics (Remote Sensing & GIS) , and Natural Resource Management in India. We offer wide range of services and certificates courses in these fields at Jaipur Center. Below is a small description of our service offerings and certificates courses in these areas.
Geoinformatic is a science of geospatial analysis which uses technologies like GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing and spatial decision support systems and used in many industries.                   
We provide many nationally recognized career oriented certificates courses and diplomas in the field of Geography and Geoinformatics (GIS & Remote Sensing).                            
We provide a wide range of service offerings in the field of Geoinformatics (GIS & Remote Sensing). We have more than 15 years of experience in providing quality services.